Aesthetic Exosome Treatments in San Marcos, TX2023-05-20T13:24:29-05:00

Aesthetic Exosome Treatments in San Marcos, TX

About Exosome Treatment

Post Procedure Skin Care & Hair Care

Our exosomes are designed to be applied topically in conjunction with facial or scalp microneedling, and energy-based aesthetic devices to accelerate recovery time and enhance treatment results. It synergistically improves the appearance of discoloration, tone, texture, and fine lines.

This aesthetic skin care serum can reduce post-procedure downtime and burning sensation and may reduce the signs of aging caused by the stress of modern living for all skin types, every time!

Do Exosomes produce better results than PRP? Our patients say yes.

Skin Rejuvenation

Here is a clinical case series to evaluate facial skin and undereye treatment. Also compared side by side PRP treatment versus exosomes.

20 patients were enrolled and applied exosome serum topically post Microneedling or post energy-based treatments. We measured recovery times from the treatment as well as skin improvements.

As you can see the results are simply spectacular!

Hair Rejuvenation

A similarly,  executed clinical case series to evaluate scalp and hair treatment.

Exosome serum was applied three times over a period of 4 months, once every 7 weeks.

Again, as you can see the results are more than convincing.

Exosome FAQ

What are growth factors?2022-06-20T16:09:17-05:00

A growth factor is a naturally occurring protein-substance that may be capable of stimulating cell proliferation, healing, and occasionally cellular differentiation. Aesthetically, growth factors play an important role in maintaining skin firmness, tone, and elasticity.

How do exosomes work?2022-06-20T16:11:54-05:00

Exosomes seek out specific cellular targets and, upon arriving at their intended destination, can transfer their cargo of mRNA, miRNA, and growth factors to recipient cells or activate signaling pathways in order to change the behavior of the recipient cell.

  • Clinical trials are already underway designed to test the hypotheses that Exosomes might serve as a therapy to alter the inflammatory response.
  • Early findings suggest that MSC-derived exosomes can modulate the phenotype of macrophages. This is the likely Mechanism of Action that Exosomes exert on inflammation since macrophages play a pivotal role in regulating immune responses.
  • Macrophages assume both phagocytic “defensive” roles and exhibit regulatory “anti-inflammatory” actions, mediating both the initiation and resolution of inflammation.
Will exosomes help heal from Aesthetic treatments?2022-06-20T16:08:20-05:00

The exosomes we use are a proprietary blend of precision mRNA + growth factors, peptides, cytokines, and matrix proteins are specifically designed for topical procedure applications and have been shown to support a number of desirable aesthetic skincare outcomes.

  • Reduce post procedure downtime

  • Benefit in post procedure burning

  • Enhance the treatment benefits

  • May help reduce the appearance of wrinkles

  • May aid in enhancing skin texture

  • May support a richer skin tone

  • Safe for all skin types and tones

  • PLUS Non-Invasive and Consistent Results!

What are Exosomes?2022-06-20T16:12:47-05:00

Exosomes are nanoparticles that are released and received by nearly all cells in the body. They are typically 30-100 nm in size. These extracellular vesicles act as one of our body’s communication systems, delivering important molecular payloads from cell to cell. Each EV’s particular biological function is determined by molecules that reside either on its surface or in its interior.

Exosomes are sometimes called EVs or Secretomes. They produced by signaling cells (some of which are Mesenchymal Stem Cells) upon specific physiological or environmental cues, which contain a precision payload capable of modulating the phenotype of target cells.

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