Melasma Treatment in San Marcos, TX

What is Melasma?

Melasma can leave its mark at any point in our lives. These irregular patches of darkened skin may appear on the face, forearms, and neck. These tan, gray, or brown patches generally are found around the brow, cheeks, nose, chin, or upper lip. Melasma occurs more frequently among women with darker skin tones and may be caused by UV exposure or hormones, like those that accompany pregnancy and menopause. Aesthetics of Central Texas offers effective, nonsurgical treatments with Harmony XL PRO laser technology from Alma. This minimally invasive treatment works through targeted laser energy to help lessen the appearance of pigmented patches that are related to melasma. Schedule a skin assessment at our San Marcos, TX practice to find out whether melasma treatment can help refresh your skin.

Melasma FAQ

What causes melasma?
Melasma can occur throughout all stages of a person’s life. It’s commonly thought to be the result of hormonal fluctuations, such as those that are experienced with pregnancy and birth control medications. Additional sources that are commonly associated with melasma include sun exposure, stress, and genetics.

How does laser treatment for melasma work?
During treatment with the Harmony XL PRO laser, our team will direct powerful light-based energy into melasmic spots on the surface of your skin. The light will gently work to diminish the substance that causes discoloration called melanin, which can then be absorbed naturally by the body. Though pigmented areas could darken initially, they will most likely become less noticeable after a week.

Does melasma come back after laser treatment?
Although laser therapies can work to decrease the look of melasma, additional gray, brown, or tan patches might occur over time. Several visits might be recommended to help prolong your outcomes.

What is the cost of laser melasma treatment?
At Aesthetics of Central Texas, the price of melasma treatment with lasers varies based on personal skin concerns. Our staff will create a treatment strategy to help target your goals and talk with you about the easy payment methods taken at our San Marcos, TX location.

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