Richard Laue, MD

Richard Laue, MD

Medical Doctor for Erectile Dysfunction in New Braunfels Texas
Dr Laue is board certified in Family Practice. He  graduated from Mayo Medical School in Rochester MN in 1996, and did his residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston TX.  He served active duty in the US Air Force, which brought him to central Texas in 1999.
Dr Laue has been practicing in San Marcos and New Braunfels since 2003.  He has 3 sons and one granddaughter.  He spends most of his time trying to keep up with his wife, Dr. Teresa Irwin, AKA, “The Vaginacologist,” and her boundless energy.
Dr. Irwin and Dr Laue founded Aesthetics of Central Texas (ACT) in order to provide services and education to men and women in all things health and wellness, with Dr Laue providing a special a focus on men’s sexual health.

Medical Education

Mayo Medical School
Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, 1992-1996.

Baylor College of Medicine
Department of Family and Community Medicine, Houston, TX 1996-1999.
Chief Resident 1998-1999.

Undergraduate Education

University of Denver
Denver CO 1983-1987; Bachelor of Science.

University of Arizona
Tucson AZ 1990-1992; Post baccalaureate.

Specialties & Expertise

Board Certified in Family Practice

In The News

What do patients think about Dr. Laue?

Kobe Kobayashi

“Dr Laue communicates very well and makes sure you understand what he is telling you by asking for feedback and confirmation. He does his best to make sure you are taking advantage of your insurance and knows what they will cover or not cover and let’s you know it. He always looks out for his patients and I am very happy to have him as my primary care physician.”

Dr. C Tarpin

“Dr. Laue has been my GP for over 5 years. He is a highly skilled and professional doctor. What makes him unique is his care and connectedness to his patients. It’s a great comfort to have him as my trusted physician.”

Tom Brown

“I am very grateful to have Dr. Laue as my primary care physician. His bedside manner is great. He does not rush through the visit. His knowledge base is fantastic as well as his ability to explain things. His staff are always friendly and helpful.”

John Davis

“As usual, I was extremely satisfied with my appointment with Dr. Laue today. He is the best general practitioner that I have ever had. I have gone to him for many years and will continue to do so. He keeps up with my circumstances and also keeps up with the latest in medicine. He is thorough and explains things clearly. He answers my questions and has earned my trust. I feel fortunate to be able to count on him.”

Joanie Knapp

“Dr. Laue has been treating my family for years. He is an excellent physician. He is a great listener, and he takes the time to explain what is going on. He does more than prescribe medicine. He sends you out to see specialists when needed. Over the years we have grown to love and appreciate him as though he were family. I also appreciate the whole practice and the other doctors that I have seen from time to time. I have also found the office staff very helpful. I have no complaints at all.- Joanie Knapp”

Lynda Escalante

“Dr. Laue has been my doctor for years. He is thorough and keeps up with all of the latest recommended best practices. I am sorry to see him go, but wish him the best in his new practice.”

Rose Garcia

“Dr.Richard Laue is my spouse’s doctor and after numerous visits with my husband and observing the genuine care, compassion, sincerity toward my husband’s all around care this doctor is amazing he answers all and any questions and never, ever rushes my husband out of his office and we always feel comfortable and confident when we leave his office. Dr. Richard Laue has awesome, bedside manner. Keep up the great job doctor your patients are truly appreciative and grateful.”

Kyra Bodin

“Dr. Laue always takes the time to listen and address all of my concerns. He has helped me with my asthma and all of my other health issues and concerns. No other doctor has been able to actually help me control my asthma, or taken the time to listen to and answer any questions or concerns I have about my health. He takes the time to get to know me and my family health history and he has a proactive and preventative approach. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I would trust him with my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Laue and the staff at Aesthetics of Central Taxas.”

Nate Choate

“Dr. Laue is exceptional. He truly cares about his patients concerns and treats them with respect. I would recommend this doctor over any other place that I have received treatment. My spouse and I both go to this office and we are blown away by the care that we recieve from the medical team and the front office staff. The front desk is kind and friendly. They know you by name and are always trying to help. We feel like part of the family here.”

Casie Helbig

“Dr. Laue is so very attentive and thorough. He takes his time to listen and presents all of my options . He’s my one stop shopping …general physician, gynecologist and dermatologist. I am so blessed to have him as my doctor.”

Rachel Martinez

“Dr. Laue takes time during his appointments and doesn’t make the patient feel rushed. His kindness and understanding have made being proactive about healthcare easier, for this nurse! His staff is also very helpful and the wait time is very minimal. I recommend to all my peers and friends to utilize Aesthetics of Central Texas when they are looking for excellent care.”

Liza Sew

“I have seen Dr.Laue for over 15 years and he is passionate about his patients. He puts their well-being first. I really appreciate his demeanor and patience with unexpected circumstances. I have recommended family to his office every time they asked about a doctor.”

Bonnie Gamez

“Dr Laue always takes his time to go over my labs, tests and meds. I never feel rushed. He offers appointments after hours for those of us who work. Very knowledgeable and accommodating. I trust his opinion.”

Jacqui Todd

“Dr. Laue is a great doctor. He is always thorough. He genuinely cares about you. He’s even kind when you decide to be the doctor. I recommend all my friends to Dr. Laue and to Aesthetics of Central Texas.”

Mary Tucker

“Dr. Laue has been my primary for many years now. He’s thorough, knowledgable, and personable. The quality of the staff has been upgraded, and it’s a pleasure to deal with competent employees.

Thanks for your attitude and high level of care!”

Robert Rodriguez

“I always feel welcomed every time I’m in your office. I’ve never been disappointed with Dr Laue. There was no rush. A very caring physician. Keep up the good work.”

BJ Forever

“I have been a customer of Dr. Laue for well over 7 years. His attention to detail is bar none. I appreciate how well he communicates, and, the care with which he communicates. I recommend Dr. Laue and his staff.”

Richard Love

“I have been seeing Dr Laue for a number of years. He discusses any issues with you thoroughly. He never rushes into medication usage until he is convinced it is the best approach.”


“Dr. Laues a great Dr.., always Caring always makes time to answer any questions I might have. Dr Laue is not one of those Dr. Who’s always rushing to get to the next patient.
And the staff is awesome.”

Jeremy Moose

“Dr. Laue is professional and he understands the needs of his patients. He doesn’t push anything he gives options and works with us to come up with the best treatment possible.”

Mrs Hooper

“Dr. Laue is one of the smartest people I know. If he’s not sure of an answer he will search for it. I feel he took excellent care of me and my family.”

Dennis S.

“I found Dr. Laue to be very engaging. He was also quite thorough with respect to the information provided. Too bad that he is leaving the practice, but certainly understandable. Thanks. Dennis S”

Mike McGinty

“Dr. Laue is great! Always willing to listen and advise on the best course of action. The attention he gives during a visit shows his passion to help people.”

Cody Carroll

“I’m a patient of Dr. Laue, and I could not ask for a better Primary Physician. I have seen several of the other practitioners there for last-minute visits and illness, and they are all excellent as well. The staff there is very attentive, and they will bend over backward to help you. I send anyone I know that’s looking for a physician their direction.”

Amanda Falcon

“So sad Dr. Laue is leaving this practice, but I wish him all the best. And to all his future patients, I’d like to say: You have an awesome doctor!!”

Nancy Hurford

“Dr.laue: is very kind and caring..I have no complaints or issues with Dr. Laue, he takes an interest in his patients. .I recommend Dr. Laue to anyone!!”

Esther Van Gundy

“Dr. Laue is absolutely amazing. I brought my 14 yr old ASD son in and he took the time to explain to him how his body is changing.”

Deb Smith

“Dr. Laue is so sharp, considerate, and on top of all your health issues! He’s down to earth and really discusses your health with you.”

Karen Nixon

“I have been going to Dr. Laue for a while. He is very attentive to my medical needs. I don’t feel rushed he with take the time to answer my questions when I have them.”

Agave Hutauruk

“Very compasion & care for patient. He is not money minded that some doctor rush their patient. But Dr Laue is generous in his time.
Pls visit him
David Hutahean”


“DR. Laue is the best Doctor I have ever seen.”

Mark Eads

“Dr Laue spent 30 minutes with me to make sure I had all test and questions answered. He cares about his patients. MEE”

Beth Chase

“I started going to Dr. Laue after my regular Dr. left the clinic. I’ve never before had a doctor that is so thorough and persistent when it comes to finding out what is wrong and then fixing it.”

Tamara Martin

“I love Dr. Laue, he takes his time to really listen and he explains thoroughly, however the business side needs a wakeup call they “forget “to call in prescriptions for days but promise it’s already been done. I stopped going just because of the inconsistency of the office, When you get a bill and you show them proof the insurance has paid, they don’t even take time to straighten it out….you will still get another bill, so the circle goes around again,. Call.Explain.Send proof. Get an “ok we will fix it in the system”… until the next bill comes in…then it’s back to the circle. The office manager will make you think your wrong instead of owning up to it and just get it done. It’s exhausting
I just don’t go in for that reason. It’s such a hassle. You would think if you work with customers/patients that they would make sure that side was taking care of because Dr. Laue is an Awesome Doctor!!”

Michael Cardona

“Meticulous. Dr. Laue wants to know your history and takes the time to understand how best to help you in being healthy.”

Michael Smith

“Dr. Laue provides experience, knowledge, and a high level of individual care in a comfortable environment!”

Brian Mayfield

“I have used San Marcos Family Medicine for years. They have a very friendly and courteous staff and I highly recommend them for Primary Care Physician needs.”

Georganne Logue

“Dr. Laue has been my doctor for over 20 years. I can’t imagine going to anyone else.”

Michael Sm

“Great atmosphere, Dr. Laue is very knowledgeable and your health care is top priority!”

David Moore

“Great doctor, it’s rare to find a Doctor that genuinely cares. Always takes the time to explain things ! Thanks Dr. Laue!”

Ken Nesbitt

“Short wait times. Excellent, personal and informative sevice by caring providers. They really know thier stuff!”

Laurie Jones

“Dr. Laue, and all his staff are friendly, caring, efficient and professional.”

Hunter Close

“Dr Laue is a great listener and cooperative problem solver.”

Gary Beall

“Most thorough Doctor I have ever had.”

Debra Shields

“Very caring and informative. Takes his Time and explains everything”

Tom Swinney

“Been going there for years. Everyone is polite & professional.”

Sue Elbin

“Dr. Laue is great.”

Nancy Harris