Stretch Mark Treatment in San Marcos, TX2023-01-06T18:35:00-06:00

Stretch Mark Treatment in San Marcos, TX

What is Stretch Mark Treatment?

Stretch marks are a challenging cosmetic concern because they form deep within the skin. When the skin undergoes rapid stretching, the stress causes damage to connective tissues, resulting in scarring. In many cases, stretch marks form due to pregnancy, rapid growth spurts typically during puberty, and extreme weight gain or loss in short periods of time. While completely removing them is currently not possible, our highly skilled team at Aesthetics of Central Texas has the technology and expertise to improve their appearance. Using Harmony XL PRO technology, this laser-based treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing processes that result in the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. We welcome you to speak with our team in San Marcos, TX, and set up an appointment to determine if this treatment may be effective for you.

Laser Stretch Mark Treatment FAQ

Is stretch mark treatment painful?2022-04-24T18:00:07-05:00

Some patients find stretch mark treatment to be painful and others do not. The patient experience will largely be decided by the type of laser, depth and area of treatment, and the patient’s own pain tolerance. Those who have undergone the treatment usually refer to it as feeling like having a rubber band repeatedly popped against their skin.

Can stretch mark treatment completely remove stretch marks?2022-04-24T17:59:37-05:00

Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment that can make stretch marks go away entirely. Instead, laser stretch mark treatment is a useful method for significantly reducing the visibility of stretch marks.

How many stretch mark treatments are necessary?2022-04-24T17:59:06-05:00

Each situation is different, and some patients may require more or fewer treatments than others. However, most patients will only need 4 – 6 stretch mark treatments before they’ve received the maximum benefits of the procedure. After your initial consultation, we will have a much clearer picture of your specific treatment plan.

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